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What is the MOQ of plastic coated wire rope?

The MOQ of plastic coated wire rope is 5000 meters.

What is the diameter of wire rope you can produce?

We can only produce wire rope that the diameter is less than 12mm.

What is the material of flex shaf t/ outer casing (conduit)?
  • Liner: HDPE, PP, POM Jacket: HDPE, PP, PVC, PA6
  • Coiled shell: High carbon steel

What is the material of plastic coating?


What is the structure of flex shaft / outer casing (conduit)?

Liner+coiled shell+jacket

What is the construction of wire rope?
  • Structure: strands, wire per strand and type of strand construction./li>
  • General construction: 1x7, 7x7, 1x19, 7x19

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