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Is there any sample charge required if we want sample?

If the sample is our existing cable and we have on stock or have parts to assembly, there is no sample charge required. If we don't have and have to produce new sample as your request, there is sample charge required because it must use many materials to start up the machine.

What is the information you need if I need quoation of plastic coated wire rope?

1. Diameter of wire rope 2. Material of wire rope (stainless steel or galvanized steel) 3. Material of coating 4. Color of coating 5. Thickness of coating (diameter after coated) 6. Length (if need to cutting in pieces) 7. End parts (if necessary) 8. Quantity

What information is needed when placing an order?

We need the following information for the wire rope orders:

  • Name: Wire rope
  • Size
  • Diameter length
  • Construction
  • Number of strands ,number of wire per strand and type of strand construction (1*7 1*19 7*7 7*19 )
  • Material: Bright ( ungalvanized ), galvanized or stainless steel
  • Colour Breaking Load

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